Stackable Deals

Stackable Deals will be marked with **

Only 2 deals max

House and Driveway Combo **

Try our most popular combo, giving you 20% off of your house and driveway combination cleaning

Buddy Buddy Bundle

Do you have a next door neighbor that you actually get along with?  If so, then both of you need to take advantage of this bundle, scoring the both of you a 30% discount on your cleans!!

Biggie Smalls Deal (only for Raleigh and Garner) (House Clean only)

Under 1,500 square feet?  Well, we don't even need to see the house.  You have a 100% set price of $140!  Under 1,000 Square feet?  How does $115 sound? 

Sign Me Deal **

Let us market ourselve in your front yard!  If you allow us to put a yard sign in your front yard for 2 weeks, we'll take 10% off of your clean!!

Triple Threat Combo **

Need your house, driveway, and deck cleaned?  Book with us and we'll give you 25% off of the price!!

Pic Me Deal **

This one is for the real dirty houses!!  Let us post your home on our website to help us grow and we'll take 15% off of your price!!!

Pollen Posterizer

Enclosed outside living areas are a nightmare during pollen season.  Get your home and screen-in porch depollenized for $150-175 depending on your area!!

Home Town Hero **

27613 and 27610, we have a special treat for you!!  Schedule a clean with us and recieve 10% off!!

The Really Big Deal ***

Premier greatly appriciates all veterans and currently serving US Military members!!  All of you who have served are a really big deal to us.  With that being said, all veterans and active serving men and women will recieve a 10% triple Stackable discount on scheduled cleaning! (Must have proof of service)

When contacting us to schedule, just let us know which deal(s) you would like to throw on after you recieve a project quote!!